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Aurora Harshner

Director of Recruiting

Coinbase planned on doubling their engineering team in a very short amount of time. Increasing the diversity on the teams is a top priority for the company. The team was building a candidate pipeline but lacked visibility on tracking outreach activity or whether or not they were engaging a diverse candidate pool.

With limited hours in a day, the team was inundated with administrative burdens, taking away valuable time from the candidate experience. By implementing TopFunnel, the team is able to minimize their sourcing efforts down to a couple clicks, eliminate the back and forth of first round scheduling, and save over 1,000 hours of recruiting time per year.

TopFunnel helps us to reach more candidates and gives us visibility into our diversity initiatives, so we can successfully meet our diversity targets.

Alison Kaizer

Talent Acquisition Manager

TopFunnel scales Ritual’s recruiting efforts across multiple roles in different geographies. On any given day, Alison works on several roles in three or four North American cities. By allowing her to run one search across all markets, TopFunnel significantly speeds up her process. She can immediately access a massive candidate pool (the entire web!) and scale her recruiting effort.

TopFunnel eliminates repetitive legwork for Alison which allows her focus on finding the right people. On average, Alison engages forty candidates an hour with TopFunnel.

The first day of the month is the best day because TopFunnel refreshes! TopFunnel takes care of the admin work so I can focus on talking to candidates.

Matthew Greenburg

Head of Talent

Before TopFunnel, ZeroCater’s recruiting team spent most of their time engaging new candidates to build the top of their pipeline. The team did their best to engage candidates directly, customize the content to the individual, and track those who needed follow-ups. The combination of TopFunnel’s highly personalized outreach, engagement technology, and email data has increased the team’s response rate by 500%.

Within a few months of adopting TopFunnel, the team was able to save over 250 hours and reduce dependency on expensive, outside resources. TopFunnel helped the team reach their goal and save thousands of dollars.

In 3 months of usage, TopFunnel has saved my team nearly $10,000 in time alone.
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