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TopFunnel's impact

  • free up your time so you can focus on people
  • protect your company's recruiting brand
  • collaborate with your team

How TopFunnel works

  • source candidates from anywhere in two clicks
  • schedule interviews without the headache
  • seamless integrations mean you don't break your existing workflow

What people are saying

Ravi Parikh

Founder at Heap

"It's like magic. We hired 3 people with TopFunnel within a couple weeks. They've changed our recruiting culture."

Gaby Rodkopf

Tech Sourcer at Discord

"TopFunnel has drastically changed the way I engage with candidates. My response rates are up and candidates know that we really care."

William Hockey

CTO at Plaid

"TopFunnel is helping us scale. Our hiring managers are more proactive and engaged in the recruiting process."

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